Jennifer Desrosiers on Creating a Wild Adventurous Life

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Jennifer Desrosiers is a total boss with the ability to make things happen like a force of nature. Jen and I met back in December of 2014 and have been on a journey of upleveling and pushing past comfort zones together every since. We’ve attended multiple Tony Robbins’ events together, we’ve walked on fire and we’ve pushed ourselves to reach new realms in our lives and businesses. I am so grateful to call this amazing women my friend and be a part of sharing her story with you.

In this episode, we dig into what it means to live a wild adventurous life and how Jen took her engineering background and successful corporate career and applied what she learned to launch 2 incredible companies.

Jen is Founder of the Wild Adventurous Life wellness and lifestyle media company, the Founder of Laney & Lu, a wellness and lifestyle strategist, and a community leader. Her mission is to inspire others to live vibrantly and lead a more joyful, meaningful life. I can’t wait to share this conversation with you!


  • The wake up call that inspired Jennifer to ignite her entrepreneurial journey

  • How to let go of the anchors that keep you tethered to make the leap

  • How to follow your muse and pursue dreams that seem crazy

  • How Jennifer manages risk as an entrepreneur and adventurer

  • Why you need to take a break from your business and practice what you preach

  • What to do when you feel guilty for taking R+R breaks

  • How to deal when relationships fall apart as you grow and succeed

  • The trickle down effect your great vision can have and how it can change the world

  • What inspired Jennifer to create the Impact speaker series


  • Grew up exploring as a born adventurer in the woods of Vermont

  • Worked in manufacturing for 15 years

  • Got a health wake up call to explore other options for her life and career

  • Followed her curiosity and launched multiple brands


  • What are you continually challenged by in your own growth and development?

  • What advice do you have for women in the beginning stages of their business?


“We can all make the decision to be adventurous. Adventure lives in all things. You just have to look for it.”

“Everything in my life has happened because I made it happen - good or bad.”

“People think you have to be one way or another. I think everyone can be a lot of different things.”

“I have a fire in my belly to change the world. That’s what inspires my companies.”


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