Jessica Todd on Overcoming Fraud Syndrome

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Are your insecurities screaming loud and clear, while your confidence is just a whisper?

For today’s guest, Jessica Todd, confidence and success are a journey – and an amazing one at that! Through her 13 years in the beauty industry, Jessica has discovered a fierce determination to perfect her craft fueled by her innate passion for the industry. Jessica’s eponymous salon is the beauty destination in Portsmouth, New Hampshire not only because she is driven by excellence but also because she surrounds herself with the international leaders of her industry.

Jessica is an expert at the art of Balayage, the most classical yet modern form of hair coloring. She has become a master at sexy, natural-looking, low maintenance hair color that thrills her clients and fulfills her passion for creating wearable, breathtaking art. As a Balayage Artist for L’Orèal Professionnel, Jessica has taken her skills from beyond the walls of her salon to educating, inspiring and leading hairdressers around the country allowing them to tap into their own artistry and passion.

In this episode, Jessica and I go into the depths of her story, talking about her experience with dyslexia back in high school, which lead her to dropping out and eventually receiving a GED. Ultimately, Jessica switched gears and became an expert stylist, then was offered the opportunity to make her own brand at the age of the twenty-six.

Standing in front of a mirror all day has forced Jessica to do work on her self-care. Finding the tenderness + compassion within herself has allowed Jessica to focus on making others see their own beauty… and she’s surpassed expert status on that as well!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The inspiration behind the Jessica Todd salon [ 5:50 ]

  • Jessica’s greatest mentors + teachers [ 9:30 ]

  • About Jess’ experience consulting on beauty [ 15:20 ]

  • Jess’ struggles in high school [ 25:30 ]

  • What it means to feel like a fraud [ 34:50 ]

  • Advice for aspiring business owners [ 43:15 ]

  • Why it’s always important to serve ourselves first [ 46:55 ]

  • Jessica’s advice to her high school self [ 51:40 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “I wanted to create a beauty destination.”

  • “You can tell when someone feels confident in their skin because it shines from the inside out.”

  • “The way that we show up for ourselves is the way we show up for our guests.”

  • “I can’t fail if I continue to lead from my heart.”

  • “We cannot serve others if we are not serving ourselves first.”

  • “Give yourself ten minutes in the morning to sit down and get quiet.”

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