Leesa Evans on Wearing Our Confidence Inside + Out

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How we feel on the inside is always reflected on the outside...which is why our style and how we show up in the world can be an incredible representation of what’s going on inside of us. 

Today’s guest is a total rockstar and stylist extraordinaire- Leesa Evans, one of Hollywood’s greatest sources for understanding just how important clothing is in supporting us and how differently we can approach something we do every single day- getting dressed. 

Leesa Evans is a true purveyor of style: from her work as a costume designer for film to her dedication as a private stylist for celebrities and professional clients. Her personal philosophy and professional inspiration are drawn from a lifelong commitment to fashion, individuality, and the art of storytelling.

Leesa’s credits include over 25 films, such as Bridesmaids, which she was nominated for a Costume Designer Guild Award for Excellence in Contemporary Film, Neighbors, 22 Jump Street, Get Him to the Greek, I Love You, Man, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and This is 40. She has more than 500 television commercials under her belt, for brands including Coca-Cola, AT&T, Verizon, HP, Samsung, GM, Ford, Mastercard, Porsche, Olay and Kellogg’s.

In this episode, we dive deep into new perspectives as Leesa reveals how differently we can approach supporting ourselves + expressing ourselves through our style + beyond. 

In this Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • All about today’s guest, Leesa Evans [ 0:45 ]

  • Leesa has always used clothing for confidence [ 9:20 ]

  • How to find clothes that make us feel excellent in our bodies  [ 16:20 ]

  • About the pressures of bikini culture [ 28:00 ]

  • How we can choose to be happy every day [ 33:45 ]

  • How to recognize our body shape [ 43:50 ]

  • About giving ourselves permission [ 51:20 ]

  • Where to find the clothes that feel good [ 54:30 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “I’ve been able to create characters that embody confidence.”

  • “Our style is ever-evolving.”

  • “Small proportional changes can alter the way a whole outfit looks and feels on us.”

  • “When we feel good, we always looks good.”

  • “Connect to how we feel first and how we look second.”

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