Ninke van der Leck on Becoming a Conscious Millionaire & World Shifter

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In all of my work with entrepreneurs, I’ve come to find that so many of us begin on our journey wanting freedom, but wind up being attached to our businesses almost 24/7.

Today’s guest, Ninke Van Der Leck has created a business DESIGNED for freedom- and is living the life she has always dreamed of while simultaneously running a million dollar company.

Ninke van der Leck is a business coach for entrepreneurs who allow themselves a comfortable life.

She was a socio-student on boxes and became a single mother at the age of 27. She went from unemployed and a chronic illness to happily married with 3 sons and a 5 Star Business with more than 1 million turnover per year.

Ninke and I talk about why less is more in our businesses, how to create more freedom in them... and why your belief in your success is the absolute key ingredient to achieving it.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Today’s guest, Ninke Van Der Leck [ :45 ]

  • Ninke’s story and what lead her to her work today [ 6:15 ]

  • Why your story is relevant and matters no matter what it is [ 12:25 ]

  • How her business evolved to teaching other entrepreneurs [ 16:15 ]

  • Navigating having an autoimmune disease, having children and running a business all at once [ 17:35 ]

  • Why less is more in your business [ 23:00 ]

  • How to get comfortable with being held accountable and change our behaviors [ 31:52 ]

  • The major challenges Ninke’s clients face that keep them from growing [ 35:25 ]

  • Where Ninke’s confidence comes from and how it impacts her success [ 41:50 ]

  • What to do when everything in your business feels really hard [ 44:35 ]

  • What Ninke would say to a former version of herself [ 48:30 ]

Soul- Shifting Quotes:

  • “A lot of entrepreneurs just think and think and think some more- and I just DID.”

  • “You have to stand up, raise your voice, and save the lives of others if you feel confident enough to do it.”

  • “Successful entrepreneurship is not hard, but you have to know the steps- and you have to implement them.”

  • “The moment I stop pushing and forcing, the magic happens.”

  • “How do I want to work? But more importantly, how do I want to live?”

  • “We, as entrepreneurs, are chasing a lot that lies in the future; but what we have now is really the most important.”

    “I’m not attached to the results in the moment, I’m focused on creating a working system.”

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