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One of my all time favorite podcasters, artists and minds, Sarah Blondin, is on the podcast today to help us each learn to move in the direction of greater awareness. 

Sarah Blondin is an artist, writer and the podcast host for the Live Awake Project. She is one of the top teachers on the popular meditation app Insight Timer, where her meditations are in constant play and have been translated into numerous languages. 

Her meditations are practiced by individuals all over the world, as well as in prisons, recovery centers, and wellness programs. Prior to her work as a spiritual teacher and guide, she was a broadcast journalist and actress. She lives in Salmon Arm British Columbia, with her husband and two sons.

In this episode full of beautiful wisdom, Sarah reveals what it looks like to dip beneath our attachments and explore what true presence looks like for us in this human experience. 

In this Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • All about today’s guest, Sarah Blondin [ 0:45 ]

  • How Sarah discovered her purpose [ 4:10 ]

  • About The Live Awake Podcast [ 8:10 ]

  • How to relate to an achievement-based society [ 09:30 ]

  • Sarah’s struggle with worthiness [ 14:50 ]

  • Where Sarah is a witness to her judgments [ 22:00 ]

  • My near-death experience [ 26:00 ]

  • What Sarah’s book opened for her [ 35:45 ]

  • Why the self-discovery journey is layered [ 42:25 ]

  • What being a mother has taught Sarah [ 47:00 ]

  • About our need to stay in the present [ 51:55 ]

  • What Sarah would say to her past self [ 56:00 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “I provide an avenue for helping people feel.”

  • “No matter what is going on, at least show up for what is nurturing you.”

  • “I create from a place that is so true to me.”

  • “I didn’t stay stuck in pain; I walked through it.”

  • “You are so ugly compared to what you are inside.”

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