Sterling Griffin on How He Went From Homeless To Six-Figure Months In Less Than One Year

Sterling Griffin

I am amped for this week’s awesome guest, Sterling Griffin and I can promise you that his conversation is going to blow your minds! Sterling went from being homeless and couch surfing to investing his last payment from his door-to-door sales job to hiring a business coach.  This incredible journey or hardship has transformed him into a successful entrepreneur who turns fitness coaches into six-figure business owners within 90 days through his program, the Wealth Coach Academy.

Sterling and I met at Lewis Howes’ mastermind group, The Greatness Mastermind, back in June and. He gave me some amazing tips about the way I am scaling and growing my business. This one is a must listen!


Why growth is the secret to happiness and how Sterling has made this his mission

  • How to change your mindset to get unstuck and believe in your self-worth

  • Sterling’s initial struggle with selling and how he changed his money beliefs

  • How investing in support can lead to your greatest transformation

  • Why coaching others without coaching yourself is a serious breach of integrity

  • How to step into a greater state of abundance to move toward your success

  • Sterling’s advice on dealing with a partner who doesn’t understand your business

  • How Sterling empowers himself each day to become a source of transformation for others


  • Was homeless and living on friend’s couches.

  • Realized he could make money by being a transformation coach

  • Sold a $1K package without a website or any marketing

  • Invested his last dollars in a business coach


  • How do you help people move through a traumatic history with money?

  • How do you stop doubting yourself and go all in on your big goals?

  • What do you say to women who feel like their partner is holding them back?


“We’ve got to get everybody growing because that’s the fastest way to have the most loving, most fit world possible.”

“If I have a model in front of me that works, I know that I can implement it until it works.”

“My results never determine my value.”

“Money is the highest form of commitment. What we pay for, we pay attention to.”


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