"I found Amber in a weird way. Instead of through her podcast or social media, I found her on Google. I knew I wanted to join a mastermind and when I finished all my Google searches, I knew that hers was the one I wanted to join. I don't know what it was that drew me to Amber, but in that first session, I found myself thinking: 'Wow, this woman knows me!' It's like she knew how my brain worked, how to talk to me, what would motivate me and fire me up. She knew somehow. And she leveraged that from the first meeting to my last in the Accelerator.

From the get-go, she challenged me. She recognized aspects of my personality that I'd ignored - like my inner competitor - and challenged me to leverage them in ways that I'd never considered before. And she kept those challenges coming for the next 6 months. Somehow she even knew that she could piss me off a little bit and that I would respond to that. That's really where I think her gift as a coach truly lies. She has this ability to tap into the language needed to motivate the people she coaches in a completely unique way and I felt that. I've never experienced something like that before in all my years of coaching...

When I joined the mastermind, I don't know what I expected from Amber in particular. I think I was really joining for accountability and support. Sisterhood. I had felt like that had been lacking in my life and in my business. I was looking for people to help me navigate my struggles in my business. I got that and more. I made friends with beautiful and unbelievable women who I'm so inspired by. And I got that from a coach that helped me find a belief in me and my business that I never thought I'd be able to find. Through this experience, I went from someone who was questioning myself left and right to someone who began to embody her worth and contribution as a coach in a completely different way. My growth was mostly in my mindset, but I also enrolled my first people EVER in a monthly membership program, finetuned my message and so much more. I'm so grateful for this experience! Wouldn't trade it for the world!"

ELLYN SCHINKE- Transformational Life Coach

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Amber gave me the tools to seek and display my worthiness in ways I never thought I would be able to. I have a constant struggle with talking myself out of things, and I knew it was time to invest in a program to help keep me accountable, and bring me the education to take action, with strategies that work and are true to the way I want to show up. Amber challenged me in new ways, asked questions and most importantly, sought out for me to answer. Every group coaching call was FIRE, and I gained more and more momentum in my own business goals and my mindset as the weeks and months went on during my time in the program. The Accelerator Mastermind with Amber was a launching pad for my BIG dream; for my big dream to not stay in dream land anymore, to give it life and truth!

The mindset growth I have gained from being a part of the Accelerator is priceless. With the tools Amber gives to the coaching and challenging she provides, the trajectory of my business is no where near, NOT EVEN CLOSE, to where it would be if I didn't say YES to my dreams. 

When I started in the program I was a wedding photographer aspiring to work on my personal development so I can create a business to help and inspire others in the creative industry to do the same. I worked on myself, I worked on the dreams for my business, I put my priorities in order and made plans for my next year to be the best one yet. There is no hop, skip and jump the line, but when you can invest in yourself, AND your business all at the same time, if feels like you stepped on the fast track! Ambers Accelerator Mastermind is exactly that! 

APRIL YENTAS- Creative Entrepreneur, Wedding Photographer + Owner of April Yentas Photography

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Before I met Amber, I was stuck in a rut of limited thinking about the dreams that I had for my business.
Since joining the Mastermind, I have been able to identify my ideal client, clarify my brand/brand story, shift my money mindset, move through my own mental road blocks, launch my business/website, make life-changing connections with my soul sisters, and grow more than I ever thought possible. Thanks to this incredible program, I’ve been able to bring my vision to life.

The work that Amber does goes far beyond your business. She transforms your way of thinking so that you can give yourself the space to become all that you’re meant to be. She’s been able to take me on a journey from feeling limited to limitless, and I KNOW that she can do the same for you.

EMILY HEIDT- Writer, Editor, Writing Coach + Creative Entrepreneur

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Since joining the Mastermind, I have completely changed the trajectory of my life and the way I show up in this world to serve and connect with others. In the past 8 months I have launched my Life + Business Coaching biz. I work with amazing clients and I have created and lead both a Mastermind of my own as well as an Academy, where I get to help other women who are now where I once was. 

I've launched my podcast (which was a HUGE goal of mine). I've built a website, email list, and most importantly, really amplified how I show up in my tribe. 

To date, I have more than doubled my investment in the Mastermind and greatly enhanced my family's income as well as have been able to reinvest in other business enhancing help that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to bring in. 

Final fun fact, as I traveled to our retreat in Florida, because of the systems I had created, I had a $5,000 day while I flew on planes to meet up with my soul sisters! 

LIFE-CHANGING, that's what this experience has been- monetarily, logistically, but most importantly, personally.  I KNOW myself now, the true me, and I look back lovingly on that tightly-wound girl I once was and thank her for believing in herself enough to say yes to Amber's Mastermind!

- JILLIAN BOLANZ, Life + Business Coach, Host of the "Morning Sunshine with Jillian" podcast

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"Before I started working with Amber, I was a very new and overwhelmed mom. I was actually in a place where I was contemplating quitting my business 

Since joining the Mastermind, I DOUBLED my best month ever since I launched my business 2 years ago.

I launched a new program that has taken off and this has been the least I've ever worked in my business....I can hardly believe it. 

I never thought that I would find a community with this level of support and a coach this invested in me. She pours so much time and love in to each of us and it shows in the way we transform. She helps bring everyone back to their truest version of themselves and this experience has changed not only my business trajectory, but my entire life."

- KATE CROCCO, Mindset + Confidence Coach

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"I invested in the Mastermind because I was looking to up-level my business and I knew I needed some marketing strategies. What I didn't know at the time was how much I really needed to get clear on my mission, purpose and myself before I could up-level.

My takeaways are beyond anything I could have imagined.

My clarity and direction has changed in a much more purposeful way and I am so charged to take my new found awareness and create something more on brand and more meaningful.

I cannot recommend this Mastermind enough.

The direction from Amber is priceless. The women she attracts are amazing, so the friends and connections made are gifts beyond your imagination. Sign up and sign up quick!"


- MOLLY MCGREGOR BRANDT, Visionary & CEO Beadorable Designs

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"I joined Amber's Mastermind in August of 2017 and can truthfully say that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I was a CPA at a big firm for 13 years and I had been dabbling in starting my own business for years.  I was coaching people for free and would run back to my comfortable, safe corporate life every time things got scary or uncomfortable. I was wearing more masks than I can count on two hands and I found myself signing up for program after program thinking that would be the answer.  No luck. 

Amber dug deep and helped me understand why I was repeating these patterns. She called me out on my bull$&*!.

In two short months, I have been able to obtain six paying clients and I have more coming in each week. 

I have truly come home to who I really am and I am living my life in complete alignment.  The group of women that she attracts is nothing short of amazing.  Each of them inspire me and hold me accountable and teach me something new every day.  I am forever grateful that I answered the call and said yes to this opportunity.  I can’t wait to see what is ahead and I am looking forward to meeting the next version of me."

- LINDSEY GABRIEL, Lindsey Gabriel Coaching

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